Mathieu Fenniak

Hello!  My name is Mathieu Fenniak.  I’m a software developer living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Career History

I started my career back in about the year 2000, developing desktop software for the petroleum engineering industry, using C++ and MFC.  C++ was an excellent starting point, but I was also quite glad to have moved on from those technologies.

I continued in the desktop world for quite some time after that, developing engineering applications in Java, then later in C#.  I bounced around a while after that, doing contracting work for a variety of companies in a variety of languages, including starting to get serious in Python and some more C++.

Currently I work as a developer / architect at a web company, building and scaling applications written primarily in C#.  I’ve been in that role for over five years, and during that time I’ve been responsible for about an equal number of successful and failed projects.

Open Source Projects

I contribute as much as I can to Open Source software.  Sometimes that’s small-scale contributions to other people’s projects, sometimes it’s the release of my own personal projects, and sometimes it’s by convincing my current employer to release small projects.  Some of these projects include:

rethinkdb-net, a C# driver for the Open Source database RethinkDB.

fast-archiver, a tar-like archiving tool with fast performance for huge numbers of small files, written in Go.

Replicon.Cryptography.SCrypt, an implementation of the scrypt key-derivation function in a mixed-mode .NET assembly.

pg8000, a Python driver for PostgreSQL.

go-osmpbf-filter, an application to filter OpenStreetMap PBF files and extract specific features, written in Go.

pyPdf, a Python library for reading and manipulating PDF files.  This project I handed development off to another individual after years of maintaining it myself.



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