Hey there. My name is Mathieu. I’m a native of Calgary, Canada.

When I was 9 years old, I started to learn computer programming in elementary school, on an Apple ][. It started out with a school project to compete in the Calgary Regional Computer Programming Competition, and BASICally I’ve never stopped learning and programming since then.

When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to have a summer internship with a local company developing engineering applications on Windows with C++/MFC. After high school, I started working for them full-time for the first few years of my programming career. After I moved on, I was the lead developer of a small business doing desktop engineering applications in Java + Swing, then did a bit more desktop development in the early days of C# with Windows Forms, and then switched over to web application development in about 2007.

I’ve always been quick to learn and adapt to new technologies. There’s no challenge that I enjoy more than starting with a blank text editor, a new programming language or piece of software, and a problem to solve. I chew through documentation, source code, and new concepts for breakfast.

I hope I write something here that you find valuable.

Check out my open source projects.