I contribute as much as I can to Open Source software. I truly believe that Open Source builds the best products, in the most maintainable and future-proof manner, and in the process enriches the entire technology community.

Sometimes my contributions are small-scale touches to other people’s projects, sometimes it’s the release of my own personal projects, and sometimes I help by convincing my current employer to release small projects. Some of my personal and professional projects include:

rethinkdb-net, a C# driver for the Open Source database RethinkDB.

fast-archiver, a tar-like archiving tool with fast performance for huge numbers of small files, written in Go.

Replicon.Cryptography.SCrypt, an implementation of the scrypt key-derivation function in a mixed-mode .NET assembly.

pg8000, a Python driver for PostgreSQL.

go-osmpbf-filter, an application to filter OpenStreetMap PBF files and extract specific features, written in Go.

pyPdf, a Python library for reading and manipulating PDF files. This project I handed development off to another individual after years of maintaining it myself.