Bisecting the Linux Kernel with NixOS

Recently my kernel started to panic every time I awoke my monitors from sleep. This seemed to be a regression; it worked one day, then I received a kernel upgrade from upstream, and the next time I was operating my machine it would crash when I came back to it. [Read More]

Is "404 Not Found" really a client error?

A time-traveler is passing by 2013 and she opens a browser bookmark to**2056**/11/21/news.html. What HTTP status code does she get back from her response? Well, it’s not going to be 200 OK, because it wasn’t OK with the server. The server couldn’t find the article that the client requested, because it won’t be published for another 43 years. “Couldn’t find the article” sounds like a 404 Not Found status code. OK, very reasonable choice. But, “The server couldn’t find the article” raises a bit of a doubt. A 404 is part of the 4xx-series status codes, which are all... [Read More]

High-Level API Documentation Considerations

When you’re building a Web API, you’re likely going to need to figure out how to provide documentation to your end-users. If you didn’t think of that when you started your project, it can be a real deflating moment when it finally comes to mind. Documentation is boring and tedious. It’s nowhere near as fun as code. Because documentation is boring, most software developers will quickly turn towards documentation tools. It’ll be so much faster to write documentation if we can just build or apply some software to do it, and building a software tool is much more fun than... [Read More]