Ain't Nobody Got Time For That: API Versioning

Have you investigated how to make your API forward and backwards compatible, so that you can make changes to your API without affecting your current clients? Did you cry yourself to sleep shortly afterwards? It’s really difficult to be confident about API compatibility because: You are planning for an unknown... [Read More]

Stop Designing Fragile Web APIs

My customers will be angry if I break my API. When you release your Web API, it’s carved into stone. It’s a scary commitment to never make an incompatible change. If you fail, you’ll have irate customers yelling in your inbox, followed by your boss, and then your boss’s boss.... [Read More]

Embedding Python Tips

Python is a beautiful programming language. One of it’s most wonderful features is a very clean and simple C API that allows Python to be extended with dynamically loadable C modules. That same C API also allows Python to be embedded in other pieces of software. This means that any... [Read More]